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Infrared Road Restoration method has become the method of choice for repairing unsightly and dangerous potholes. Road restoration costs have become increasingly more expensive. The infrared road restoration method helps you maximize investment by repairing damaged asphalt correctly the first time around.


The Infrared heater unit is placed over the damaged area.

  • After approximately 15 minutes, the asphalt is softened to a depth of 3 to 4 inches.
  • The softened asphalt is raked or removed depending on its consistency. Dried oxidized asphalt is removed. The remaining asphalt is treated with a rejuvenator consisting of oils and adhesives.
  • New hot mix asphalt is added from the reclaimer and is raked and luted to match the existing grade. The reclaimer can keep 4 tons of asphalt at a constant temperature.

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Customer Spotlight AT&T Wireless HQ

The Jetco Enterprises team was selected by AT&T to fabricate and install their canopy-covered entrance at the AT&T facility in Oakton, Virginia.


This was part of a renovation at one of AT&T's largest facilities in the Washington, DC metro area. This was one of many tasks Jetco Enterprises performed for AT&T on this project.

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